Monday, October 30, 2006

Kisi ko khabar nahi....

Kisi ko khabar nahi mere bare mein, ki maie kya hu
Sirf khuda hi hai jo mujhe dekhta hai, ki maie kya hu.

Koie chahat nahi hoti kisi ko kuch bataane ki,
Hogi bhi kaise akele mein is bahane ki.

itne akele kabhi maie bhi sochta hu, maie kya hu.


bhavika said...

Beautifully written !!! I have been thinking by myself a lot lately so this makes perfect sense to me ....I can relate to it.
Even though the words are simple there is a profound meaning in it!

Hope to see more poetry like this!
All my good wishes are always with u!

artfx said...

nice abdul..

though sometimes i am unable to interpret some of the stuff well, this one was loud and clear.

great going, cheers